3 Dogs, 3 Bones..

some dogs you just can’t reach!



Photo by Sneaky Elbow on Unsplash — not our three dogs, but close enough..

“Here you go puppies! Good dogs, enjoy your bones.”

I walked away confident in the puppies’ fascination with the opportunity to enjoy bones fresh from the butcher that day.

It’s not like I put the three dogs side by side or something.

“Growl! Yap, yap!”

What the..

“What on earth are you doing over there ‘A boy called Susie snowflake’!”

Yep that’s one heck of a long name. But it allowed for a compromise on the range of names chosen for that particular hound.

A boy called Susie Snowflake?

That happened because a promise is a promise. Because it was the youngest one’s turn to pick a name. They chose ‘Susie’ before we thought to advise them of the traditional constraints of gender on names, and that the dog was a boy.

Clearly he was channelling his inner Johnny Cash (well, Shel Silverstein actually, he was the one who wrote it). And very appropriate it was recorded in a prison..

So now the name has a prefix

They (between them) later decided by joint decree to switch to ‘Snowflake’ (too much Frozen), but we said that would just confuse the poor hound so we added a name…




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