A Study in C Sharp

On making choc chip cookies, programming and copyright



Chocolate Chip Cookies receipe
Image by Author — Choc Chip Cookies raw source code without presentation layer

Our kids love chocolate chip cookies(!). So do we. But we made them for the kids right?

But what’s the best way to make them? Is there such a thing as best way?

“And who owns the copyright over that?”

immediately came to mind.

For example I used three separate sources (libraries) as the basis of my code (recipe). But the resulting codebase is mine isn’t it? Can I GitHub it?

My sources for the record:

Why Three?

Well, I started with the Jam drops recipe because I was told, “Just make vanilla cookies and add choc chips. It’s simple!” by one who should know better.

And if anyone knows cookies it’s the Country Women’s Association (CWA)!

“But hold the jam,” said they. Obviously!

Middle child got third prize at the local CWA cooking those. Which was important as that way we wouldn’t be starting from scratch. You know…




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