Who to follow (But I’m a leader?)

and why I deleted our publication



Photo by Fred Kearney on Unsplash — burn baby burn!

“..inspired me to share my own new practice of unfollowing most of the people that I follow while sticking to only following publications”

said Aigner Loren Wilson

In response to James Calderon looking to unfollow publications.

And then said Aigner,

“Now, I’m whittling it down so that I have a curated list of writers and articles that are suggested to me from within my niche and communities.”

Hmm, That sounds like the decision to intentionally construct an echo chamber to me.

That could be dangerous.

Nothing personal here Aigner please. Thanks for forcing me to think about my choices. I just don’t agree with yours. And I fully support your right to express one!

I do think the better answer would be to dump all your publications instead. Like James Calderon did.

Actually, Hmm, that does sound like a good idea to me.

But that would include mine too..

[Whiirr, bang, crash. ]

There. No more Amhazing publication. Didn’t need it anyway!

But what now?

Okay. Now I’ll pay attention to just writers and the people they personally respond to and the authors they suggest rather than an artificial authority figure (publication) who’s going to filter out all the bad writing, but at the same time, throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Because they’re hiding all the new voices from me as they only want “good” ones. Well practised ones.

Who needs curation anyway! That’s just another form of gatekeeping.. Thanks for that Sean.

But I do agree with the idea of thinking harder about who I’m following in order to fix my feed so I can see stuff that hasn’t been “fixed”.

There is of course the danger of ending up with a Facebook quality feed though if I keep pushing down this path.




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